Seaduced Jewelry




Meet the Maker

Allow me to introduce myself. 

My name is Jenn and I'm; 

  • A coastal Connecticut native
  • Beachcombing aficionada (trained during youth)
  • Jewelry disciple
  • The founder and designer of Seaduced

I’ve always been captivated by jewelry; it has a unique way of narrating who we are and the values that we live by. For me, that means living with a passionate and upbeat, fun-loving approach.

I incorporate these values into each stage of my jewelry’s creation process. This begins with selecting a distinctive piece of sea glass that I’ve collected and preserving its individuality by making it the focal point of my designs. I create one-off styles that marry each piece of sea glass with nostalgic glamour from vintage-made chains and whimsical, contemporary accents.

I’m excited to share my passion and hope that my jewelry connects you with the ocean’s energy, wherever your journey may lead you.

Stay Salty,



Seaduced's Ethos

Creating Consciously 


Seaduced's guiding beliefs and spirit of culture.

Seaduced Jewelry is more than transforming tide-tumbled glass into wearable jewelry. Guided by a passion to connect humanity with the healing vibrations of the ocean, organic sea-sliced glass  is mined and fused with elements of waterlust to create jewelry that excites the soul. 


I value the rarity of authentic beach-found glass; how it originates from broken chaos and is refined into a harmonious beauty. With many faux representations today, Seaduced Jewelry emphasizes preserving oceacanic-destruction and is strictly against artificially tumbling or manipulating glass to appear as sea-formed. Each piece of Seaduced's sea glass has been excavated from the sand to ensure its authenticity. The ornate shape, color, and coating of each is uniquely original to its refinement process and is therefore the reason for why you won't find two identical pieces. 


Sea glass is the synergy between various oceanic energies and discarded glass over a long duration of time. Each piece is distinctly unique due to its contact with these environmental forces. As a result of such contact, the glass becomes broken; jagged, sharp, and separated from what it was. The ocean's energy refines these pieces through a lengthy process and organically transforms them into something beautiful.

Seaduced Jewelry expresses the humanistic quality of broken-beauty by seeing the world differently. It is a reflection of ourselves. We drift through life experiencing destruction, storms, and collisions- these shape our identity, force us to embrace change, and recreate us as beautifully broken.

 Creating consciously 

Walk on the woke side.

The ocean is where the soul of Seaduced was born and it's liter is Seaduced's foundation. As human beings, and as consumers, we have a responsibility to minimize the footprints that harm our sacred spaces. Seaduced believes that as a producer, makers have an ethical obligation to use sustainable practices in order to preserve our planet. We are committed to creating jewelry through socially conscious conduct that positively impacts the environment and empowers consumers to be active participants. 


Seaduced Jewelry uses the following practices to reduce waste:

  • Jewelry is packaged in reusable burlap jewelry pouches (without plastic).
  • Printed receipts are not included with purchases and only electronic customer copies are issued.
  • Scrap metal gets refined and processed for reuse.




Seaduced Jewelry certifies that it uses the following practices to repurpose existing consumer-made items:

  • All sea glass is from original, discarded, litered glass found along coastlines.
  • Vintage chains and findings are incorporated into jewelry collections.
  • Modern chains and findings are purchased second-hand and reused in jewelry collections.


Since all of Seaduced Jewelry's sea glass is from oceanside excavations, removing this waste from the beach is an important aspect of cleaning up our already litered environment. Additionally, Seaduced Jewelry removes large amounts of glass from the shores that is considered "non-jewelry quality" and properly recycles it into waste management bins.